24-400 Storage Vials

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24-400 Storage Vials

Product Description

1.EPA Test Methods 5030 and 5035 are focused on determining the amount volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in either a solid or aqueous sample.

2.Examples of these compounds include chlorinated solvents and fuel additives. With both methods, a sample is typically housed in a 40ml EPA VOA vial with an open top cap and septa. The septa used in these EPA vials are typically made of a silicone/PTFE construct, 0.125” thick.

3.The PTFE acts as the main barrier to minimize contamination during sample handling.

4.Because of the nature of the method and level of sophistication of equipment, EPA laboratories can measure VOCs to extremely low levels with some measuring ‹ 1 ppb. As a result, it is imperative that the EPA septa not contain any form of contamination.

5.Through special conditioning and use of cleaner materials, we have been able to consistently deliver clean EPA septa for use in EPA VOA vials. Each production run of EPA septa is tested to ensure compliance to EPA Method 5035 and the test report can be supplied upon request.

Product Features

1. 40 ml, 27.5 x 95 mm

2. Color: Clear & Amber

3. Available in unique packaging designed to reduce vial breakage

4. Tightly controlled crown for improved crimping

5. Precision-formed neck for improved autosampler handling

6. Rigorous quality assurance provides dimensional consistency from lot-to-lot

7. Optional ceramic write-on spot with fill marks

8. Certified for full warranted compatibility with autosampler

24-400 Storage Vials

Part No.V2017V2027V3017V3027V4017V4027V6017V6027
Description20ml screw-thread storage vial, clear 27.5*57mm USP 120ml screw-thread storage vial, amber 27.5*57mm USP 130ml screw-thread storage vial, clear 27.5*75mm USP 130ml screw-thread storage vial, amber 27.5*75mm USP 140ml screw-thread storage vial, clear 27.5*95mm USP 140ml screw-thread storage vial, amber 27.5*95mm USP 160ml screw-thread storage vial, clear 27.5*140mm USP 160ml screw-thread storage vial, amber 27.5*140mm USP 1

24-400 Storage Vials Caps and Septa

 Part No. SC221221 SC221222 SC221223
 Description Nature PTFE/nature Silicone septa 22*3mm, 22mm white screw polypropylene cap, 15mm centre hole Nature PTFE/nature Silicone septa 22*2mm, 22mm white screw polypropylene cap, closed-top Nature PTFE/nature Silicone septa 22*3mm, 22mm black screw polypropylene cap, 15mm centre hole


ND24 (EPA)  Screw Neck Vials, PP Caps and Septa for Storage Purposes      100pcs/pack


nature PTFE/nature Silicone septa 22*3mm   temperature resistant  -60℃-200℃


nature PTFE/nature Silicone septa 22*1.5mm  temperature resistant  -60℃-200℃


white screw polypropylene cap, 15mm centre hole                        Φ22mm   


white screw polypropylene cap, closed-top                                   Φ22mm          


black screw polypropylene cap, 15mm centre hole                        Φ22mm      


black screw polypropylene cap, closed-top                                   Φ22mm          


nature PTFE/nature Silicone septa 22*3mm, 22mm white screw cap, 15mm centre hole  


nature PTFE/nature Silicone septa 22*1.5mm, 22mm white screw cap, closed-top 


nature PTFE/nature Silicone septa 22*3mm, 22mm black screw cap, 15mm centre hole 


nature PTFE/nature Silicone septa 22*1.5mm, 22mm black screw cap, closed-top  


20ml screw-thread storage vial, clear                                                   27.5*57mm      


20ml screw-thread storage vial, amber                                                 27.5*57mm        


30ml screw-thread storage vial, clear                                                  27.5*75mm            


30ml screw-thread storage vial, amber                                                 27.5*75mm          


40ml screw-thread storage vial, clear                                                  27.5*95mm          


40ml screw-thread storage vial, amber                                                 27.5*95mm          


60ml screw-thread storage vial, clear                                                   27.5*140mm        


60ml screw-thread storage vial, amber                                                  27.5*140mm     

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